Cannon Industries

ISO/TS-16949 Certified Supplier


We are a major supplier of components for this growing business segment.

Application Solution: Mass Transit Rail Systems
The majority of our work is underneath the cars including panels that cover electric and hydraulic boxes, tubing and railing products, as well as large radial shims that help maneuver cars around corners, shim plates and bracket supports for the hydraulic and electronic systems underneath the vehicle.

Cannon provides subway components to a wide variety of major cities around the U.S.

Mass transit is an area of our operation that serves an individual business segment, rather than an actual line of work. We recognize that the rail business is increasing and we deal with a variety of rail customers. With the push in the U.S. toward high speed rail systems and mass transit, we see this as an important part of our customer base that we are looking to grow.

We do a wide variety of stainless steel components for rail customers that are usually inside or below the rail or subway car. There are some components that we make for rooftops, typically for HVAC units, but we make a variety of gauges and brackets for the conductor seating area, door trim, chairs and other metal parts inside the cars.


  • One unique thing about rail systems is the need for accessory components such as a hydraulic cover which goes underneath the rail car where there is moisture. In locomotives and subways, a cotter pin has always been used to leak the moisture from boxes and is an example of old technology that has been carried over until today.